A Guide to Superior Customer Engagement

Are you ready to capitalize on profits and curtail customer dissatisfactions?

Today, new-fangled marketers focus mainly on customer acquisition and forget the importance of retention. Hence, after a certain point of loyalty, customers get disillusioned when brand stop speaking out to them. In this world of intensive market infiltration, this can cost a large chunk of loyalty-base to be washed away with “the tides of new options”. You, as a smart marketer, do not want to lose the base that set you up.

Recently, an Econsultancy report found that there was an increase in investment in getting new customers from 31% to 34% yet a decrease in keeping customers down from 24% to 18%.

Hence, marketing gurus lay much emphasis on “Customer Engagement”. Having a solid customer engagement program provides marketers tools to identify, track, and engage customers most likely to build the base of a long term loyalty.

Fret not! Armed with these tips, you will be poised to take the reins of “Customer Engagement” with a welcoming hand.

1. Capitalize on Creative Automated Messages

We love receiving personalized messages, don’t we? Businesses today have mastered the art of customer engagement with the help of automated messages. Personalized messages on the basis of customer traits or information can be a great way to show the customer that they matter.

CRM can be leveraged here to mould into the Best Email Marketing Solution, through its ability to collate data and track consumer behaviour.

2. Re-engage customers through hosting an event

It is not humanly possible for a brand to be in constant relevance with its consumers. Tastes change and views shift to a more viable option, as time progresses. Hosting an event online or even in real life re-initiates conversation between the brand and consumers.

CRM initiates Business Intelligence Service can here help you to create a timeline for the events and update constant reminders to keep it in the top of consumers feed and also mind.

3. Utilize Media Monitoring to detect communication pattern.

With the advancement of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and so on, this era has become more about voicing one’s opinions. One needs to keep a tab on the whisperings all around. You need to know whether you are in or out of favour to proceed forward. Hence media monitoring is crucial to detect the pattern of communication that happens around your brand.

Marketing Automation CRM allows you to discover your broader audience by tracking any mention of you. This integral part of Sales CRM enables you to gauge the amount of influence your brand has on consumers and re-brand or promote yourself accordingly.

4. Spruce up your distributary channels

Having the perfect mix to distributary channels comes after a great deal of playing with fire, and one tends to stick to that. Unfortunately, the market is constantly updating and sticking to old distributary channels maybe safe initially, but proves to be detrimental in the long run. You never know how a slight shift in dynamics can drive community members away.

Through a complete Marketing Automation CRM Tool, one can track topics that are on vogue and mould content to garner views through relevance.

5. Enlist brand enablers and reward them.

Every brand worth its salt has a bunch of dedicated loyalists, coming from different walks of life. They have the power to influence the crowd into making your product a cult thing to have. Pampering these enablers with free goodies and extra benefits to sweeten up the deal is always a good option. This helps ensure the enablers to create a loyalty base around your brand through propagation of goodwill.