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Features every Entrepreneur should bring into CRM — SalezShark

Start-ups are the newest companies that can introduce a revolution in business and change the world. They can build a pool filled with numerous employment opportunities and remarkably elevate the economy.

However to do so, like every other company, even a start-up needs technology as an ally by-its-side. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is one such innovation in technology that has the potential to level the uneven playing field and accelerate start-up growth like never before. Today, before you harness the power of CRM in business, it is really important to understand what features you should bring into this Business intelligence Service. Mentioned below is a crash course on the same, for your reference:

The Keep it Simple Rule

As a start- up, you may not have different divisions within your organisations. Therefore, a big-in-size and complicated CRM is definitely not what you require. In fact, you may need a simple CRM that well matches the requirement of a small business. Such a CRM is generally easy and convenient to use and is effortlessly manageable and controllable by the workforce. Today, as an entrepreneur, you may want to offer your team this stress-free respite instead of an intricate apparatus.


CRM app works best for entrepreneurs who intend to undertake multiple responsibilities at one time. Through the app you can track emails, add contacts, update Sales CRM and do much more, on-the-go. Moreover, you can view & modify documents and populate CRM directly from a mobile device or a tablet. CRM app is the latest novelty in technology that ensures a seamless result- oriented experience. Today, these apps can easily be installed and used as per your convenience on the go.

Excel Integration

Many entrepreneurs do not have an exclusive accounts division. Therefore, they do all the math and accounting on their own. In such a scenario, by integrating the power of excel in CRM, you can analyse your CRM data more smoothly. Alongside, by working with new templates, data can be quickly extracted into spread sheets that offer immediate advancement with ease. It empowers you to initiate automated calculations including pivot charts and take care of your expenditure, on-the-go.


You need a comprehensive CRM that diligently collaborates the Best Lead Management CRM, Marketing Automation CRM and Sales Automation CRM. Such collaboration, eliminates the search of records across multiple entities and classifies all your business related data at one place, saving a lot of time in trade. It makes your CRM more profound and all-inclusive in nature. Today, this is a critical feature that should be included into the CRM of every entrepreneur who has plentiful tasks to be accomplished in less time.


A CRM that is customized serves as a magnificent interval in trade. Today, you should modify and personalize your CRM according to the market trends, customer’s demands and your business needs. Moreover, you should have pre-built solutions that can be acquainted with your exact trade requirements. So, ensure that you choose a CRM that can be altered as and when required, according to the necessity.

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