How to Predict Sales with Accuracy using a CRM Software

In today’s fraught business scenario, sales prediction has emerged as a necessity to skyrocket sales and elevate success. Accurate sales forecasting is not only a vital element that leads to increased revenue but also facilitates meaningful customer relationships. By forecasting sales correctly, enterprises can plan right business strategies, allocate resources appropriately, organize smart pitches and also, establish long-term organisational goals.

CRM Software

Often, forecasting sales with accuracy can be a strenuous task with an added element of unpredictability. Although, this can be counterbalanced by virtue of web CRM software, transparent sales processes and straightforward applications that track progress throughout the sales cycle. So, without further dithering, let’s institute the following practices of sales prediction that can provide a solid framework for a stupendous success.

Understand Consumer Needs and Expectations

The more you understand your clients, the better you’ll be able to provide them with positive and memorable experiences. Therefore, to successfully accomplish this, every interaction that your organisation has with the clients must be accurately identified and meticulously recorded. Today, by virtue of a Customer Relationship Management tool, we can store volumes of organised and categorised consumer data for quick-and-easy reference.

Further, statistical and analytical tools can be effectively utilised to understand and decipher large quantities of consumer data. This will not only facilitate in identifying customer needs but at the same time, help foster long term relationships with potential clients.

Craft Smart Sales Pitch and Quotes

As a sales professional, you are well-versed with the significance of ‘first impressions’. Business proposals deeply influence how customers perceive your brand; however it is next-to-impossible to ensure that all sales teams generate sales pitch and quotes in the exact standardised format. Therefore, to create strong impression, organisations must encourage the use of CRM management tools that not only regulates sales proposals but also gives a complete control of the sales pitch and quotes. Integrating sales activities with customer based system simplifies the management of quotes, pitches and sales closure. Therefore, in the long run, CRM software aids in accurately predicting sales.

Spend More Time on Selling

According to a research by Pace Productivity Inc., an average sales representative spends only about 22% of his time selling and 23% of his time on administrative tasks! These astounding statistics have shed light on the reason that leads to massive loss of sales opportunities i.e. professionals spending majority of time to accomplish administrative tasks rather than spending it on actual ‘selling’.

To rectify these numbers and subsequently elevate sales, organisations must install a powerful CRM system well-integrated with lead tracking software. CRM applications can automate various time consuming managerial tasks and completely eliminate the need to manually reinvent the wheel. Therefore, advanced software and systems ensure that your sales representatives spend maximum time selling and closing business deals.


In order to predict sales with accuracy, organisations must step up their game whilst making effective use of modern age technological advancements. Using such high-tech software, enterprises can understand customer expectations, deliver timely results and eventually, forecast sales with laser sharp precision.

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