Ways for Lead Generation without Marketing

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It is a common rite of passage in human nature- unprecedented changes from conventional to non-conventional market accelerates the growth in a positive yet competitive manner. To convey a close-to-perfect adaptation to the pace, one has to modify the working style to exhibit competence, in this era of lead generation management. In such a scenario, management, alongside generation of valuable leads becomes a prominent aspect to develop sales pipeline- made possible through stimulating and capturing consumer interest, besides use of robust CRM software. Marketing may be a wide berth of a term, yet surprisingly, lead generation can be done without it through the following ways :

1. Banking on Referrals based discounts: It is a common thing to refer to friends, family and acquaintances for the smallest thing, from which colour of shirt to the type of mutual investment he/she should make. Wise sales professionals can utilize this trait by harnessing the power of “word-of-mouth” and create offers that facilitate buzz. One of the swiftest ways to do this is through offering discounts/ points for referrals- building customer loyalty and luring in their referrals, at the same time.

2. Utilizing survey outreach: For any sales professional worth his valuation in the field, surveys are a goldmine for a variety of veritable opportunities it provides. It comes with a clear picture of the current trends and fads going about, while demarcating a clear distinction on where every brand stands. Yet, have you ever thought of the amount of leads you can get from these surveys? Surveys provide you an exclusive glimpse into the psyche of mass and their consumption pattern, coming up with valuable leads towards hitting the jackpot.

3. Strengthening Blogs: The importance of content is irrefutable as, according to the movement of the season, content is the king. Now, virtual content is a different ballgame, as is generates the power of digital as well as content to craft a foolproof concoction that would certainly grab eyeballs. As for being an excellent tool for lead generation, it should stand proudly on the top every marketer’s reckoners. The visitors and comments page are a rush of potential leads waiting to be converted and no sales professional should miss out on that.

4. Rejuvenating Social Media Profile: In this era of going viral, social networking sites are the way to go as it provides a glimpse into the amount of buzz any brand has generated, apart from being an invaluable medium for brands to get connected with the masses on. Depending upon the ranking, whenever anyone who searches for any information, related brands pop up in the organic search as natural leads. Also, keeping a free flowing contact with the prospect on the virtual medium builds value and referrals.

Offering freebies and samplers: Another lesson in human psyche- freebies are very important. To harness the elusive visibility and create exclusive set of quality leads, freebies should be doled out with a free hand. Many established brands offer free usage of their premium course work to capture the attention and buy-in from users. Providing incentives through freebies ensure that the patrons come back for more, while creating a buzz for leads to be attracted like magnet.

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