Strategies to Build your Sales Pipeline and Drive Revenue — SalezShark


Sales pipeline is critical to business success. It is a valuable apparatus that helps you to identify new opportunities, close old opportunities and track conversation rates to improve performance. By doing this, it aids you to drive revenue growth at a very fast pace.

Today, while you lay different strategies to enhance your sales skills, you should also consider the need to develop and enrich your sales pipeline. So, let’s take a quick look on few important strategies that will help you to prolifically build, shape and enhance this Business Intelligence Service in trade.

Set Targets

A pipeline without targets is a recipe of business collapse anyways. Therefore, you should set your targets as and when you get your first idea about people and companies. It efficiently streamlines and shapes your pipeline. This is just like placing the first brick to build an empire. Alongside, also ensure that you wisely keep a record of significant details such as number of prospects whom you have identified and contacted, number of prospects who have received your proposal, number of prospects who have agreed for a meeting etc.

Bring in Social Intelligence

In an epoch of cutting- edge innovations, you would certainly want to make the best use of technology in business. So, integrate the power of social media in your pipeline to make it more vast and profound in nature. This helps you to perform targeted searches through various digital channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Face Book and more. It assists you to find decision makers, buyers and their information by territory. Currently, this is one of the best Business Intelligence Solutions that helps you to touch base with more and more people in a short span of time.

Connect Pipeline with CRM

Tools such as Sales CRM, Marketing Automation CRM and more can easily be connected with your pipeline to deliver better results in business. These advanced technology- based tools gives you insights on customers; highlighting their buying fashion, traits and expectations. Alongside, they also apprise you on market trends and future opportunities. Such insightful data, once assimilated in the pipeline, does not just beautifies it but also helps you to outshine amidst competition and business uncertainties.

Test the Pipeline

It is crucial to test the pipeline before making it a part of your business. Once you are able to outline your pipeline by defining the entire sales process, your next step should be to test and monitor the pipeline. It gives you crystal clear clarity of the model and predicts future beginnings of your business. This also gives you a chance to amend, alter or modify the pipeline in case it doesn’t meet your expectation or the business plan.

Nurture it, time-to-time

Building a valuable pipeline is one thing. However, you need to timely nurture it to ensure sustainability. To achieve this, you can integrate your Lead Management Software Solutions in the pipeline. This way, you will be feeding information into the system that will efficiently nurture and develop the pipeline, vaster. Furtherance, you can combine more such channels to your pipeline that will nurture it at each step in business.

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