Through the years

My reflection gleamed on the floors
of the gym, and looking back over the
years i saw myself, just a little boy
trying to fit in.
I remember the first time i walked in
this gym, i could hear the balls jumping up
and down, echoing through the walls of the
maze like a drum beat that was stuck in my
head for days, going boom, boom, boom.
kids were squirting water in there
hair and shaking their heads
like a sprinkler flying through the air
Everyone was huddled in the changing
room making loud noises like a baboon
and screeching like a rebellious raccoon.
Sweat was dripping
from people’s hair forming raindrops
that trickled into the floors glare.
And as i sit here staring at my reflection
and looking back through the years,
seeing myself as a year 7 conquering my fears
i now realize how important it is to savor those
moments and memories forever.
By Salif.
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