Heroin Addiction Treatment

As heroin addiction ravages New Canaan, New Canaan heroin addiction treatment has become a necessary service. People are trying to figure out what’s driving the continuous rise. Many blame doctors for injudicious prescribing of opiate drugs. Patients that become addicted to pain medication naturally turn to heroin when cost and availability of prescription drugs prohibit getting them. Although much has been done to make physicians more accountable, the damage for many addicts living in the Boston area have already been done.

Heroin is highly addictive drug and is one of the most abused drugs in New Canaan. The drug facilitates high tolerance levels quickly which in turn creates the dependency that drives addiction. Heroin use provides an intense euphoric experience as well as sedation and relaxation. The first use experience is so pleasurable that people desperately seek to repeat the high. Heroin overdose occurs because every use demands a higher dose to replicate the initial euphoria.

Once addiction set in, users become obsessive about satisfying the craving. They spend money, time and energy for the acquisition and use of the drug. But it’s never enough. Overtime, heroin alters the user’s brain chemicals causing multiple problems in all facets of their lives.

Stopping Heroin Addiction

Many people who try to stop using drugs by themselves experience such intense withdrawal symptoms that drove them to right back to the drug. The truth is most people need help to overcome heroin addiction.

The safest and most effective way to overcome heroin addiction is through a drug rehab treatment program. Our addiction specialists treat more than the addiction. At intake addicts undergo a thorough evaluation that often reveal underlying issues that led to the addiction. Co-occurring disorders such as a mental illness must be treated simultaneously with the addiction to give the addict a fighting chance of staying sober after rehab.

Another important reason for entering our rehab center is to safely go through the detox process without relapsing. Addiction specialists carefully monitor withdrawal symptoms. Severe withdrawal symptoms can cause among other problems; cardiac arrest or pulmonary complications that requires proper medical equipment and expertise. Medication can also be administered to alleviate the discomfort caused by withdrawal symptoms without reverting to heroin use.