Common Practices of Cat Sitting

Cats are among the pets that we enjoy their company in our homes and we get fascinated about their mischievous and playful nature. They make the house to be lively and pleasant given the characters that they possess. Similar to human beings there are cats that like the company of people and will always enjoy making friend with any new person that visits your home, and those that do not like the being where people are and will always shy away from people may be due to some bad thing that they were once done to by someone. Here’s a good read about dog sitting Arlington, check it out!

The same way we can model the behavior of our kids at home; we can also make our cats to possess a given character that we wish them to have. If at all you are thinking of possessing a cat then it is of good advice to realize the following tips that will help you train you cat on the characters that please you. Take a look at this link for more information.

Get to their level.
 Always lower yourself to the level of cats even crouching down the floor and walking on the floors just the same way cats do. This will make them less scary and will not see you as a threat, thus will take you as one of them and will come and even sniff you thus becoming used to you as a friend.

Act with composure around the cat 
 Every time make certain that you reduce your voice and keep a cool environ around the cat since noise sometimes scares them. Being calm around the cat will make them have the notion that you either want to enticed them to play or you want to scratch the body that always make them feel like loving you to an extent that they will always lie down on seeing you in your calm state.

Slow Blink
 Cats have the tendency of feeling out of place when you maintain an eye contact with them and therefore they might feel threatened hence run away from your presence. To human beings observing at the eye of a person will enable you to recognize some of the things that the person might be opposite but this does not happen in case of the cats as they feel uneasy on a direct eye contact.

Utilize the play time 
 Playing is the norm of almost every cat and when you commonly participate them in playing they will always see you and start playing with you at any time. Play time is also good for their physical as well as mental health and will always enable you to create the best bond with them. Moreover, through playing with them you will be able to enhancement their sureness.

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