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All of our ancestors emigrated to America legally, worked for what they wanted, and never took welfare. Beautiful America = Krasna Amerika.

The TUDOR’s emigrated from England and Wales.

The MCCANN’s emigrated from Ireland.

My FREDERICK and MAZAC’s emigrated from Moravia.

My LUND’s emigrated from Norway.

My OLSSON’s emigrated from Sweden.

My HANSSON’s emigrated from Sweden.

My HAMMELL’s emigrated from Scotland.

My HARRIS’s emigrated from England

My HAMMOND’s emigrated from England.

My LINDERMAN ancestors emigrated from Germany, and resided in Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1740. They helped to form these United States.

I still cannot fathom why so many millions of people immigrate to America to escape Communism and for freedom, yet they attempt to change America into the third world hell hole that they crawled out of!

My LINDERMAN ancestors came legally, worked for what they wanted, and did not accept charity. They did not expect others to feed, or clothe them or their families. They helped to build this grand Republic of ours. They served in our military in every war.

I will honor their work and sacrifices by standing up for and speaking out against the Communist N.W.O. takeover of our great nation. God, please help us to save America.

Originally published at on March 16, 2016.

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