Medium ‘s New Membership

Last weekend, Medium started sending invention to old @Medusers to ry the new paid subscription program which is called apparently Medium Membership.

What is Medium Membership?

Its a monthly based subscription program which requires you to pay 5$ a month to get access to:

  • Offline Reading
  • Exclusive features
  • Exclusive features

My Thoughts

when to comes to the idea, it’s kind of a good idea,because the product your buying is actually information. although the information found online is free, the information found on medium especially self-improvement and business related information is actually worth hundreds of books which are being sold.

Whats wrong about it

It’s way Medium introduced it. They announced it privately and publicly at the same time. They didn’t make neither a big deal about it nor a small deal.

Another thing, where is the free trial? Most online subscrubion programs have a free trail for not more than 3 months. Why is Medium not doing the same?Give us at least one month or even a week to judge the exclusive features and content. What’s also funny that they sent an invitation to actually try the membership with paying for it(thats what happened with me).

Plus the post explaining the membership in a Medium post is actually considered exclusive content meaning you’ve got pay 5 dollars to understand all the details about it.

Medium should re-present the membership program and listen to its writers. we -users of medium- love this YouTube for writers platform. The Membership is great and I am actually thinking about subscribing because the offline reading feature and its 10x more worth it than subscribing to a music subscription platform but the one thing stopping from that is the trial. I am ok with at least one week but let us try the product your offering.

thanks for reading