What is the difference between a data analyst and a data scientist?

Salman Lakhani
Jan 30, 2018 · 2 min read

You want to know the difference between a data scientist and a data analyst?

Data scientists have very proficient skills in Python, MySQL, and Java development.

They have a very clear understanding of analytical functions, really well at mathematics, statistics, data mining, predictive analysis skills and also they have a really good knowledge of the coding languages like Python and R.

A lot of data scientists right now have their PhD or their master’s degree actually according to research only about 8% have simply a bachelor’s degree so it’s much more in-depth.

The data analysts on the other hand has a familiarity with how to use data intelligence and working their way around with data warehouses and subsets.

They do have exposure to SQL, analytics and a strong understanding of Hadoop which is basically a program that use to extract and then formulate data to then present to top management.

With the very good understanding of data storing and retrieving and a very good grasp on coding will helps a lot with growing your proficiency between analysts and data scientists.

So you’re going to be definitely start as a data analyst position and then once you grow your skills and just continue in your education you will have potential to get to that data scientist level but there is quite a gap in skill.

So during your job as data analyst, you will have great understanding of data analytics and the use of Hadoop as well as some knowledge in coding languages like SQL Python and JavaScript those will just help you to understand how to use the program’s better in your job so if you really want to dive into this you can contact us at www.cubix.co

That’s all for today! If you want to read more details visit the Cubix website.

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