A Dental Restoration In Just One Appointment?

The restoration of up to twenty teeth can be done in only one day if your dental clinic has CEREC. No temporary replacement is needed between when you break your crown and when you get a new one: you can achieve same-day restoration, plus the convenience of coming out of the dentist with a perfectly repaired tooth. You obtain fast and high-quality service as well as a beautiful and lifelong crown in just one appointment. Over thirty million teeth restorations have been performed with CEREC worldwide, so why not check out what everyone else is raving over?

CEREC machine / dental restoration

CEREC consists of a scanner, a computer with software, and a mill unit. A dentist chisels the tooth to the required shape, then scans it using a special CEREC camera. After scanning, the tooth is converted into a 3D model. The appropriate crown is designed and sent to the mill unit that fabricates a crown, veneer, inlay, or onlay.

What’s better, though? An in-office CAD/CAM CEREC crown or a digital-impression lab processed one? The answer is simple: a CEREC crown has been shown to cause bigger gaps between teeth (however, the difference is calculated in microns, which are small fractions of inches), so if you need a single front tooth replaced, a lab-created crown might be a better choice if you’re not in a rush. Nevertheless, lab-made crowns or veneers can still be processed poorly. What matters most is the skill, experience, and precision of your dentist, which is why you should look for advice, references, ratings, and options on independent medical platforms.

At Salutara, we only work with clinics that employ one or more highly rated dentists with long, successful track records. We also only work with those that use CEREC.