The Meaning of Salutara Explained

A close look behind the company name

First draft — Trips2health

Originally Salutara was called Trips2health. We were thinking about something that would express the fact that we are talking about a platform for medical tourism. So Trips2health came across as a good name. It combines the medical part as well as the travel bit. We even organised our team T-shirts with printed logos on them. To show determination and commitment before Startupyard final selection day. However as more and more mentoring sessions went by we found out people were confusing the name with trips to hell. And that was not something we were particularly hoping for.

Something way nicer is hatching from the chrysalis

So week after week we spent hours thinking what would be a suitable replacement. We brainstormed, mixed and matched. Also looked for a name with an open .com domain. Trying to leave out the medi and travel gibberish we were aiming at something more poetic. And yet capturing the essence of our endeavor. We searched through antic Greek and Roman mythology, went to a library, read through medical handbooks and finally came up with a list of names that could fit the requirements. Salutara was one of them. After a Skype call with one of our dear mentors in the USA the problem was solved. Thanks Liva!

Salutara logo

So what does it mean then?

If you type Salutara into a Google translator and translate from Latin to English you will get the word “wholesome” as a result. Wholesome translated into many languages means healthy or beneficial. A synonym to beneficial is salutary. And that translated for example to Romanian gives you salutara. We could play with these examples for hours. The punchline here is that Latin is the language of medicine. And Salutara is beneficial and salutary both for it’s customers and clinics providing the care.

Also in many languages derivatives of the word Salutara stand for a greeting or toast. So instead of saying hello and cheers we just simply say “Salutara”. Including our significant others and family members. It will probably never get old. And we will never get too old for that either. So Salutara and have a great day!