Divine Feminine — Nature is Calling

Anton Exner
Nov 8 · 2 min read

Unconditional love.

Perception of Gaia by ‘Animatrix’


It obviously means chaos when the creating force is threatened rather than protected by the preserving one. Therefore, the striking femininity of today is more than welcome. While masculine traits such as conquest and demarcation have shaped events in the past, feminine traits such as healing and empathy are demanded to restore harmony.


Leaving aside common sense, the accompanying debate on equality or quota is important, but in my view only short-lived. Maybe we should think more in terms of balance and appreciation? In this sense, I consider it beneficial to focus more on female qualities — far from superficialities — and integrating them economically. For example, to pursue collaboration instead of wiping out competition. In this manner, it appears self-explanatory that femininity shall receive preference in all spheres.


Along with this blossoming awareness, it is also evident that the consciousness to protect nature evolves. Whether indicated clearly by the Fridays For Future movement, growing respect towards animals, or acceptance of alternative medicine. At the latest since consumption has shifted as well, the market follows up, although it would have been more noble the other way round …

Analogously or from a spiritual point of view, there is a collective transition from ‘ego’ to ‘consciousness’ happening within this change. In this context the ego can be compared to a rational construct like a program. It filters, evaluates, archives or performs according to an algorithmic principle — lacking with ‘reality’ by refering to the past or predicting towards the future. As you know, the hips don’t lie and so it is important to hold on to the momentum and nimbly align with intuition — by, just, doing, good!

Nota bene: You are loved and worth it.

As pussy this all may sound,


PS. Gaia is calling. Seriously. She feels ill, tends to doubt and eye-rolls over our bullshit, but keeps being proud, supportive, loving and most importantly always believing in us.

Anton Exner

Written by

Creative Shaman | www.antonexner.com — guiding business by embracing a conscious-driven strategy 🖤

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