Education – The Key To Manage All Existing Problems

Anton Exner
Jul 12, 2018 · 2 min read

Love yourself.

I’d like to use this opportunity to record my previous commitment such as outlining new ideas to improve education:


When the iPad got released, my first intuitive thought was, that such a device would have been a conducive platform for educational software during my school days. That’s why I setup a concept for an application as my final major project.

My approach was to optimize the most elementary part of education: Homework! In this manner it was important to me, that along a specific task collaborative lines of thoughts can be comprehensibly displayed and individual strengths promoted:

Abstract of screenshots

In addition, I drafted a detailed concept (available on request) that explains the functions and its didactic benefits. Convinced of the application’s potential and uniqueness, I constantly try to encourage companies to implement it. For example IDEO, Google, … such as the government.


On 11/11/2011 I’ve launched a platform that gave people and companies an opportunity to solve or create awareness for problems in order to receive awareness back for themselves. In love with the education approach Service Learning I also offered this plattform for schools, so such activities can be mapped and get more recognition.

The perfect classroom

By continuously outlining reasons, why it would make sense for companies to get involved in solving social problems — especially improving education – I also described a fictional project on my previous website: “The perfect classroom”. It’s basically about the thought, that learning is limited to the environment, which is a combination of sound, light, … and furniture for instance. So my vision was to bring companies together, who are claiming to be experts in these fields in order to setup a interdisciplinary solution in exchange for publicity (value-driven content).

What’s my newest attempt?

I want to hold lectures in order to inspire students for spirituality. Just for the purpose that they’ve heard about it at least once – without losing myself in esotericism. In this manner, topics such as bullying can be handled, because schools are often sentencing it without going into the cause. Today I know, that any form of aggressive behavior towards others only arises, because of the dissatisfaction with oneself – otherwise you wouldn’t care. Such a knowledge would help both sides. Therefore, reminding students to love and believe in oneself, appreciating individuality, or simply to consciously breath would already help a lot.

In consultation with schools, experts and parents, I would like to establish a guideline that is universally applicable while considering different world views.


Anton Exner

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