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Greetings fellow cryptonauts,

We are Salvation Finance.

Our team has watched from the sidelines for quite some time. Observing various launches, ICO’s, etc on the Binance Smart Chain network. We have found that the BSC network has become overly saturated with rug pulls, soft rug pulls, and just downright scams…

Hello fellow cryptonauts,

We here at Salvation Finance have a wonderful announcement to make. Our staking pools are officially open!

You can now stake SLVN/BNB LPs or SLVN tokens and earn BNB rewards. Your staked tokens will be locked for 7 days, but you can withdraw your rewards at anytime.

The current APY for the SLVN/BNB LP pool is 272% & the APY for the SLVN token pool is 527%.

There is also a tax for withdrawals. For the LP pool it is 1.5% and for the SLVN token pool it is 2.5%.

We are still ironing out the best approach for staking Salvation. We will be sure to post any and all updates for our community to stay up to date with the latest information.

That's all for now, until next time cryptonauts.

Salvation Finance

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