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When Kylie Kehrman, ROTC cadet told her parents she wanted to join the military they were happy for her and supported her on her decision.

This is one thing to consider when deciding to join the military, how will the family react? When Kehrman made her decision to join the military her parents were very supportive of her, and she says that having their support helps her in more ways than they know.

“My family is really supportive, they’re the ones excited for me when I feel like I’m not making it. Even if they’re far away, they’re the ones in the background cheering me on even if I feel like I’m going to disappoint them,” said ROTC cadet, Kylie Kehrman.

According to Staff Sergeant Scott F Carlson, one of the hardest part of joining the military and going off to basic for most people is leaving their families. He says it’s not the physical training or having the drill sergeant yelling in your face, it’s the distance away from home. So having the support of love ones is what gets a lot of people through.

According to Carlson people use the military as a way to go to college or as an alternative to college. But people don’t consider all the requirements that come with joining the military, and according to Washington Times the military only accepts 20 percent of walk-in applications. Carlson says this is because of the requirements people have to pass to be able to enlist, and what gets people disqualified the most are the tattoo regulations and obesity.

That is what recruit Noah Marshall is facing as he tries to join the military, he has been turned down because of his weight and has been training extensively in the hopes of getting to the weight requirement set for his height. His says that he struggles to balance his training and work schedule but the military is what he’s wanted to do since a very young age and he is determined to join one day.

Marshall says that when he first started training so that he could enlist, he didn’t consider the effect it would have on his personal life. Between going to his full-time job and training, he does not have time for a social life. He says that having understating people in his life like his girlfriend is what makes it easier.

“She supports me and she wants me to do something that I like. We’re both on the same page on how we see our future together and what we want. So we both stay focused on our goals for the future and support one another no matter what,” says recruit, Noah Marshall.

Kerhman says that being in the ROTC has put her in the same position of trying to balance schools and the requirements it takes to be in the military. She believes that she spends more time with her fellow cadets than anywhere else.

“These cadets I train with they’ve seen me at my worst. They’ve seen me at my best. They have pretty much seen what I wouldn’t want anyone to see,” says Kerhman.

Carlson says that the reason so much is required is because the military is not just a job. Cadets need to be dedicated and have self-motivation because it’s not just your life your protecting but the life of others. If you don’t have self-motivation you’re just collecting a pay check and that ultimately will drag the team down.

“When you join a branch in the military you should be expected to try to step up. To not just prove you’re ready but prove that your worthy of taking the next step,” said Carlson.

According to Kehrman someone that wants to join the military should have leadership skills as well as a sense of humbleness to them, because when it comes to risking someone’s life not admitting mistakes is not worth it. But she and Marshall both believe that being in the process of joining the military has helped them not only in the most noticeable physical ways but also mentally. Kehrman says that it has helped her confidence level, it’s higher then she could have ever imagined, and in those times where she is not the most confident she sits back and lets herself learn new things.

According to Marshall in his training he has learned a lot about himself and ways to push himself beyond the limits. Training has helped him gain self-confidence and has given him a new outlook on how he sees himself.

When considering joining the military there are things to take note of. According to Carlson the most important thing is to think of all your options. If someone is not positive they want to join, then they shouldn’t do it because they may take the job of someone else that is fully ready and prepared to serve their country.

“Look over all your options, and keep an open mind. Learn about what’s available before making a hasty decision,” said Carlson

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