Governor Rick Scott

Florida state Governor

Richard Lynn Scott is the 45 governor of Florida, he is also a part of the Republican Party.Scott was born December 1, 1952 in Bloomington, Illinois. He was later on raised in Kansas City, Missouri. He did attended high school and community college. After sometime Scott enlisted into the U.S. Navy,he became a radar man on the USS Glover.

The GI bill allowed him to go to college at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, and he earned his degree in business administration. Following this he went on to law school and graduated from Southern Methodist University with his law degree.

After law school Scot stayed in the Dallas area where he worked for a large law firm called John and Swanson. He mostly represented companies in health care, oil, and gas and communication. After doing this for some years Scott took his families savings, which was $125,000, and he started the Columbia Hospital Cooperation. He also started Conservatives for Patients Rights. The main purpose for Conservatives for Patients Rights was to prevent further government encroachment on patients rights.

Scott is know for being a great business man, and he is know for that. He is also credited with working well with health care and politics. He specializes in health care mergers, and because of it he has built a reputation for himself in the health care industry. He’s know for providing affordable, high quality care to patients.

One issue that Scott is working on is Education, he participated in an education debate. Scott announced that he would be boost per-pupil spending to a record level if he is reelected in November 2016. He centered his run in office on education. The first bill that Scott signed required all counties in the state of Florida to evaluate teaches and base their pay off those ratings.