Jars Bring Hope To Sex Trafficking Victims

They could be found at the local flee market. They could be found in any art supply store. Mason jars are easy to find just about everywhere, and for one girl they were a glimmer of hope.

Jennifer Tartini founder of Jars of Hope began her foundation just one year ago, raising money for people in need. She began buying Mason jars and painting them to sell to people at Liberty University, where she still is currently attending.

“It started with Mason jars, I was going to paint some Mason jars and donate to charities, and it wasn’t even trafficking at first and God just weaved that out as time went on,” said Tartini.

Tartini changed her major to Global Studies and minored in Business so that she could focus on Gods plan for her future, and she told him she was ready for anything he had in store for her. She made the main focus of Jars of Hope helping those in sex slavery. It was something that she was very passionate about since high school.

“It was hard. It was just so busy. I mean it blew up really fast. Every single day girls were contacting me to buy jars, and I would run out of them. We didn’t have enough to donate sometimes. So it was very interesting trying to develop the disciple, leadership skills and organizational management that I needed to have,” said Tartini.

Tartini started to run out of Mason jars, because of the fast rate she was selling out of jars. One-day while shopping for more jars to paint and sell, she stumbled over the future of Jars of Hope.

“My friend Hannah and I were in Michaels shopping for new paint for the mason jars and she found the mini jars. And she was just like, ‘Hey, Jen, look — mini jars of hope.’ We were just joking around, but then we were like wait we could do this. Let’s make some necklaces. So we just went with it and it blew up after that,” said Tartini.

She believes that the necklaces are what made her foundation even more of a success. People enjoyed the idea that if they bought a necklace a girl is receiving one across the world as well. Jars of Hope has gained popularity, raising about $5,000 in the first year alone. All of the money earned has given her the opportunity to give generous donations to many foundations.

Some foundations like Exodus Cry, Street Ransom, Exodus Road and many more. Her staff of girls has also grown, because of all the work that has to be done for Jars of Hope a lot of help is needed. She has a team of 30 girls that help her with table set ups, photoshoots and blogging.

“It’s a lot of fun. She’s very good with putting things together and having events and photos, and making the jars. She’s a great girl,” said Gabrielle O’Donnell, one of her volunteers.

Jars of Hope was just a small idea that Tartini had, she did not expect it to be as big as it became. But it has changed her life in a way she could have never imagined. There are times she says that God continues to reveal himself to her as people just continually give her big donations and she knows this is something she wants to make a life long career.

“It’s given me the opportunity to talk at different events and make high school students aware, and make older women aware at different fairs and just the opportunity to grow a lot,” said Tartini.

Jars of Hope is sold everywhere in the United States. They can be bought at www.jarsofhope.love. Tartini hopes one day she could spread it to countries outside of the states. Jars of Hope has become bigger than she could have imagined in only one year’s time, Tartini and her team of girls are excited for the blessings to come. Tartini feels like Jars of Hope was the platform God has given her to spread the gospel and the importance of ending sex slavery. She hopes that her necklaces are a reminder to people that they, no matter how small they are can help the cause.

“[the biggest impact is] seeing how God could take something so small and use it for something so big and for his glory,” said, Tartini

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