Lead Assignment

1)Hattiesburg Board of Education holds meeting due to decline in student enrollment. The student body has decline by 200 hundred students to 1,050.

  • who: board of education
  • what: holds meeting for
  • why: decline in students
  • when: morning?
  • where:
  • how:

2)Fatal Plane crash at Kennedy International Airport. Killing 5 passenger and crew. Professor John Dumont and George Johnson were among the people on board.

  • who: John Dumont and George Johnson
  • what: were in plane crash
  • why: plane had bad take off
  • when: thursday night
  • where: Kennedy International Airport
  • how:

3)Pulitzer Prize winner Norman Meeman speaks at William Oxley Thomson Memorial Library to a audience of 67 English students.

  • who:
  • what:
  • when:
  • where:
  • why:
  • how:

4) Professor Clement Crabtree wins George Washington Honor Metal.

  • who: Professor Clement Clabtree
  • what: Wins Washington Honor Medal
  • when: last week
  • where: ceremony in Pennsylvania
  • why:
  • how:
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