A couple points.
Kevin Mayfield

Always love it when the guy who’s read the wikipedia page for logical fallacies makes his inevitable “straw man” sortie.

  1. Your use of the word “fairly” as in “conservative ideas presented fairly” creates a straw man (that no conservative ideas are allowed to be debated) of the straw man (that only far-right ideas should be debated). Strawmen? Straws-man? SmSquared? When will it all stop??
  2. In the liberal arts studies, we spend a lot of time thinking and researching about how “societal” factors create differences in ideology, particularly when racial groups, which are, themselves, a social construct, are systematically oppressed over the course of decades and centuries. So if you’re interested in thinking about human relationships, you necessarily conclude that the the biological sameness between races (as we know them) hasn’t historically prevented structures of discrimination to rise up and create inorganic but very real cultural differences that don’t exist between, say, a white person in Connecticut and a white person in Georgia. And at risk of building a straw man myself, no one is saying that conservative views shouldn’t be welcome in universities! But hey: I’ve long thought that most hedge funds and corporate boards could use more avowed socialists and environmentalists. Just for ideological diversity, I mean.
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