I think you hit the nail right on the head here.
Garrett Wilkins

Genuinely, thanks for posting a thoughtful response. It’s totally reasonable to assert that the left needs the right as a counter-balance and vice-versa, but I think the reaction that’s being ginned up on the left is a result of the perception that counterbalance is only functional when each side has a relatively even amount of pressure applied. I’ll acknowledge my liberal viewpoint here and reckon that I could be wrong, but it’s extremely hard to find the incentives to compromise when the past ten years or so have illustrated that a) one side is not willing to compromise (shoutout to Boehner, you poor bastard), and suffered no consequences for it.

Also, what conservative voices are being stifled? This is an offshoot of something that I’ve mulling over for a while, beginning with the whole Duck Dynasty debacle on AMC — anyone has a right to say whatever they want, god bless ’em, but no one has a right to have that opinion universally respected or even acknowledged as worthy of respect. Like actions, words have consequences, and the right to call a piece like this stupid doesn’t protect the caller from being called stupid himself.