I hack time.
Quincy Larson

I’d like to hear how you deal with many articles that automagically popups in your browser when you start reading any single article in the internet.

Here is an example. I’ve open your article (`this.article`) which says 6 minutes read, because I want to learn how to save my time and to stay more focused. I definitely can spend 6 minutes on that, but not more.

  • In 20 minutes after that I found myself reading one of the article that you provided.
  • And I’ve started to read one more article that you mentioned and it definitely dragged my attention, so I want to finish it, too.
  • I also have one untouched article that somehow spored in my tabs.
  • I still was just half a way through your article, so I needed to spend approximately 3 minutes to finish it.

As a result to this exact moment I’ve read 2,5/4 articles and wrote a comment, which cost me about 40 minutes totally.

I didn’t write a single line of code, except for `this.article` above, and I didn’t finish reading all 4 articles in my tabs, and I didn’t touch my own article on medium — all this again makes me feel unproductive.

That’s the reason why I usually avoid medium or any other articles, because they all have at least a few links inside, and those articles have more links and so on. It’s like a virus or information, so very often I found myself having about 40–50 tabs in my browser and then I just press X button and close them all.

So yeah, what’s your strategy about it? Do you open links in articles? Do you read them straight a way or wait until you finish the parent article? How do you deal with growing amount of tabs?