Mapped: Energy Consumption Vs Production

The world is hungry for energy and as our population grows, so does our demand. In fact, the U.S International Energy Agency predicts that the world’s energy consumption will increase 48% by 2040.

If you were asked which countries were consuming the most, the likes of China and the US would probably spring to mind. But, in an increasingly globalised world, doesn’t it seem a little unfair to blame the biggest countries for our dwindling resources? Shouldn’t we be looking at how we can reduce our consumption as individuals, with a focus on per capita use?

Using International Energy Agency data a new interactive map shows the world’s energy consumption and production per capita, and some of the results may surprise you.

Instead of the usual suspects topping the table, the likes of Trinidad and Tobago, Iceland, Qatar and Luxembourg take the top four spots. Although the US features in the top ten in eighth place, Oman, Canada and the UAE all have higher energy usage per person. China doesn’t even make the top twenty.

The map doesn’t only show who’s consuming the most, it also looks at who’s producing the most per capita. After featuring third in the highest consumption ratings, Qatar shows that it produces more than it consumes by topping the highest production list. Followed by Kuwait, Norway, Brunei and the highest consumer Trinidad and Tobago.

By looking at energy use per person it not only gives us a clearer view of who’s using how much, but also helps bring the responsibly back to us as individuals. It’s easy to feel powerless when it comes to saving our planet. I mean surely recycling a bottle, installing a smart thermostat or switching the washing machine to 30C won’t make much difference right?! Wrong! We all have a responsibility and we all have the power to make things better.