Check The Technique: The Birth of MF Doom
Brian Coleman

Casting Shadows Over the Sun

Daniel Dumile changed my life. From the first time I heard “Take Me To Your Leader,” by King Geedorah, ft. Monsta Island Czars, I knew there truly was such a thing as ‘intellectual hip hop.’ With unparalleled samples of old television shows, radio broadcasts, and an entire theme that let a group of opinionated youths tell a story, make a point, while blasting Anti-Matter at those who “no matter how hard they try, they can’t stop us now…” Props to Mr. Fantastik for backing Doom. And from there, it was as though the Encyclopedia Britannica came to life, telling me how the Platypus carried a C-note for a mouth, how plums are truly plump, how ‘?’ could never be matched by any brother with such love for his own. MF Doom, be you metal fingers or metal face or just mother fuckin’ Dumile, I thank you, and I applaud your efforts in the face of such insurmountable adversity and personal pain. Never quit the gas drawls, give us some mo’ MM Food to call “delicious, Rap Snitch Knishes.” Thank you. A million times.

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