Kirsten Gillibrand is trying something new to differentiate herself from an increasingly crowded field of female 2020 Democrats.

The traditional swing states that pick US Presidents are moving over into the parties’ blocs.

May’s announcement of an “end to austerity” was a method of staying in Downing Street, and today’s budget was in preparation for a new election.

Conservative MPs will not allow Theresa May to face another election. A confidence vote might be their only way to stop that.

Tory MPs must support the Prime Minister, but these next few weeks will prove it cannot be a one-way-street.

Whatever it is Boris Johnson now does, it has come to be seen not just through the prism of his leadership ambitions, but through that of the EU Referendum.

The Conservative (and Unionist) Party must decide what comes first: their commitment to post-Brexit trade deals, or the United Kingdom itself.

Theresa May’s former Chief Whip left just in time to ensure his reputation is in tact for a future leadership fight.

The EU Referendum has poisoned politics with artificial division.

Sam Shenton

Observations from a 22 year old on UK and US politics.

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