For both students, and the institutions which they attend.

Our free affirmative consent app was covered today in Motherboard , and on attn- and it wasn’t pretty. Not only did the articles say our app does the opposite of what it actually does, they left out any mention of what our app actually does do, both for the students using it, as well as the schools which they attend.

We get that “affirmative consent apps” are still so new that they are all being lumped together in the minds of people covering them, but we had no idea that our app would be so grossly confused with ‘those other apps’. …

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Let’s start with these numbers reported from institutions of higher education in 2014.

In 2014, Out of 11,000 college campuses in the US, 91% reported:

ZERO instances of rape.

ZERO incidents of domestic violence.

ZERO instances of stalking.

College sounds like utopia, doesn’t it?

A staggering juxtaposition of statistics.

Considering that one in five will experience sexual assault, and as many as one in four women will be the victim of intimate partner violence while they are in attendance at college, it’s obvious to us (and many others) that women feel and are (Still!) …

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Our whole lives, we are preparing for college in America. First as students, and then as parents, and sometimes even as grandparents of students attending college.

Re-financing the house, selling the extra vehicle, cracking a whip over your teenager to get a job and help supplement the cost of all of this. Scrimping and saving in the middle of your professional career- struggling for promotions and taking the extra job(s) to make sure that you can send your kid to a good college is an American pastime, and has been for over one hundred years.

It’s one of the middle chapters in the American dream. To a certain extent, if you have made it this far in the game of life you are considered by most of the world to be in a privileged class of people. …

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This is the part one of two in a series of articles on Affirmative Consent and Title IX for parents. Part two can be found here.

All is not well where college kids live and study.

That goes for any campus, anywhere in the U.S. As a parent of a child just starting college, there are some things that you need to know.

You may have already heard some of the statistics, but we should start with the hard numbers anyway.

1 in 5 women will be sexually assaulted while at college.

Women ages 18–24 are at an elevated risk of sexual violence on campus.

22% of women will be the victim of sexual assault, stalking, or intimate partner violence while at college.


Sam Horneich

Attorney, Activist, Advocate, Ally, Father, CEO of SaSie

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