Generation Pride: This Is Our Fight Now

Generation Change: We live in a world scarred by the wounds of previous generations, soaked by the ire of centuries worth of discrimination unwinding before the eyes of a world that is still behind our generation.

Generation Hope: When we were brought into this world we were barely walking out of our closets. By the time most of us hit 18 society had evolved and we had not only walked out of the closet but stepped proudly into the halls of powers. Now the early ones of us are raising a new generation that will never know the horrors that we lived.

Generation Love: Challenged by the vanishing remnants of old world views, we joined with the elder generation to fight one of their final fights as we began to take on many of our own.

Generation Together: Throughout our country we have forgotten some of the most important members of our movement. We say LGBT+, but we frequently leave those who fall under the extended umbrella that comes with the T+ out to be the target of vile attack. We wouldn’t be where we are today and wouldn’t have the rights we have without every member of our community and we must remember that.

Generation Pain: On the morning of June 12th, 2016 our generation experienced the most painful and destructive act of violence driven by hate that we have been around to witness. This type of destruction isn’t new, our elders faced it daily in their lifetime and they didn’t stand down. On that day we as a generation declared that we are all Pulse. For many, our generation learned the hard way that injury to one is injury to all. After the events of November 8th, I think this came across as even a more clear sign that we must act out and fight back against what is attempting to cause us the most pain. We have to be prepared to tackle these institutions and turn them into our own.

Generation Pride: Even if year after the events of Pulse we as a nation are forced with the eventuality that the changes we pushed for are going to crumble under the weight of a religiously conservative government that tends to white supremacy, extreme transphobia and severe homophobia. As has been consistently noted, the moral arch of the universe bends toward justice but it doesn’t bend easily and it doesn’t bend without us being willing to bend it with our own hands. As a generation that was given the right for many of us to live without a serious and constant fear of physical violence from our government and its institutional structures we have a responsibility to assist others around us. We have a responsibility to be Generation Pride which means to continue fighting fasting, harder and with more dedication than our elders had. We are the generation that could end everything and normalize our lives, we have to be willing to stand up and do that… we owe it to our elders, our world, our neighbors and frankly ourselves.

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