Its Time For Change

I have vowed to represent the interests of College Democrats from many corners of our nation. My service has found me advocating for our interests at nearly every level of the Democratic party and being told the same line time after time: “Your generation is our future and we are happy you are here!” Although when it comes to a seat at the table our voices are generally left lingering.

Progressive young democrats don’t want our party to be vested in or walk alongside the criminals hiding behind the walls of money stolen from our families. The wealthy bankers and executives that sit mighty inside their offices on Wall Street should not be catered while our families struggle for food on the table, money for transportation, heat for the winter and a roof over our heads. Recently, leaders in the DNC have decided that ripping apart the credit of our most financially vulnerable Americans and accepting contributions from corporate lobbyist are acts that we should associate with, I am disgusted.

Further, The DNC has failed to live up to the standards of diversity that I expect out of my Democratic party. While the DNC Charter and Bylaws clearly state gender identity as protected, Internally the DNC still fails to acknowledge the damage being inflicted upon Democrats outside the gender binary who are forced into living within the binary or are forbidden from leadership based on arcane language and belief systems.

DNC leaders have insisted on limiting the voice of all our democratic candidates by limiting the number of our debates. Members working within our party are consistently threatened with retribution if we speak against ideas, policies, decisions and/or candidates that leadership supports. Yet expect when election cycles, debates, protests and other events rolls around that we will pony up for volunteer hours.

At the heart of every problem within any organization is a cause, but also a leader who has the responsibility to act upon the ills, not be cause for their creation or continued existence. I feel, I as young person and progressive have been completely alienated by the actions of my DNC. I am sick of my generation being used as pawns for people who say they care but will not show actions to support their words. The actions and in-actions of the DNC as a whole recently have consistently been anything but ethical or upholding of the values that I respect and work toward as a Democrat.

When you are the head of an organization you have power, but also responsibility. As I stated previously, the ills of an organization cannot be healed by leadership, if that leadership is the problem. It has become abundantly clear to me as it has for so many others that the leadership at the DNC truly is ill. I no longer hold any faith in our DNC chair to fix this organization that I have dedicated my adult life to and this is why I am demanding that Chairwomen Debbie Wasserman-Schultz resign.

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