About my tweet from yesterday..
Vlad Zamfir

Thank you for sharing your reflections and experience with us all!

Where I second you 100%, is the fear what Blockchain tech really CAN DO to our societies and how “geek-blind” all seem to be for the consequences outside the crypto sphere…and what reaction that may create.

Regarding the stress level, I can only advise you to take it easy.

Whenever you need to, take time off. I always felt that looking back it was the moment off where I had the “aha”-moment … and also — we only seem to have one life, so don’t throw it away! And be honest to yourself — when you are made to be off, things go on, too ;-)

Again — thank you for sharing your reflections and experience with us — while I share concerns, I must admit the level of open and solution orientated communication you, Vitalik and others of Ethereum show gives me hope and joy!

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