Looks like you have it all figured out.
Art Good

Hi Art Good, I want to acknowledge your response and thank you for reading and responding.

I hate to chime in because I feel like I already had my say. But I do value what you have written.

This post opens with the word — some.

It starts broad and then it quickly moves to address a specific type of straight man.

As I was writing, it felt like I was having a conversation with a specific type of person. And, I was. Of course, before I clicked publish, I thought about the exceptions.

I admit, a better writer would be able to address an issue from all sides. That’s not me. I prefer to pick a side, go there, and stay there. I don’t try to give everything. I’m not here to point out the caveats and the asterisks.

I trust a reader can pick and choose from the buffet to make a meal. This here is a valid option, but it’s not intended to stand alone.

Now, I would also point out that not everything that has your name on it is for you. Someone can call your full first and last name, in this case — straight men — and not be talking about you. The name calling may get your attention. You may even stop, turn, and look. But it becomes clear pretty quickly if they were calling to you or not.

And, if not, okay, keep it moving.

But this is speaking to someone, and I will not accept your attempts to minimize its merits.

Finally, I won’t be a bystander anymore. This is my business.

Once again, thank you for reading and responding. I’m not saying that to be kind, I do appreciate it. -Sam

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