Nice justification for your paranoid racism.
Ash Sharp

Hi Ash Sharp, I clapped to acknowledge your response. (Btw, I saw your comments about hip-hop on another story, I liked them.) Hey — I make no bones about the fact that racism is suspect. It ought to be harassed. I must stop it. I must frisk it. I must be brutal with it. I must give it a rough ride. You get my point.

I see this piece as starting with my race as a reference point for the dining experience. (Which from my dad’s generation every table was set by and with racism. Hello lunch counters?!)

So, yes, race and racism are a starting point in the piece. But from race, it goes on to talk about other groups, class, and the restaurant industry. It ends by rejecting the dilemma and calls for open minds.

That’s what came out as I was writing. And that’s the way I see it when I look back at the piece. Hope this helps you and others who may only see racism in the words. (Although racism alone would have been worth writing about by itself too.) Thanks for stopping by, come back and see us — Sam