Sam, this is a really good subject.
Clay Rivers

Hi Clay, I was thinking about this essay yesterday as I reviewed it again. My dad was different from my mom. They are about the same age but very different in approaches to race relations. My mom took us to a mostly white church where we sang basic hymns. My dad wouldn’t go. He was the same with movies, my mom as suggested in this piece was the opposite. My dad had no cross race friends. My mom did. This question of whether he was a racist was one my brother and I asked as kids. So, that’s the reason I wrote it. Based on what I see in the racial identity model developed by Dr. Cross, my dad and mom were at different stations. He wasn’t a racist, but he had not progressed beyond his station. We know many do and don’t make these evolutions. Dr. King and Malcolm X had some great evolutions during their short lives. It’s all normal. And we should all seek evolution too. Thanks for reading and your response.