Straight man, I’ve been hit on by Gay men, yes, and I found it flattering.
Jordan Chandler

Hi Jordan Chandler, thanks for stopping by and reading. The examples provided in the piece are not necessarily applicable to every straight man.

They speak to the straight man who engages in this type of behavior.

The examples kind of suck for you, but that doesn’t mean they suck for everyone.

Thought Catalog recently published an article, 28 Straight Guys Describe How They Feel When A Gay Guy Hits On Them.

From just that article we can see the feelings are mixed. Some were flattered, some were disgusted, and some were convicted and challenged to think about their behavior.

I’m talking here in this piece to the disgusted man who does the same things.

For some straight men, it depends on how forceful and persistent the gay man is with their unwanted advances.

But this comparison is valid and for some straight men it’s necessary. Here’s another article that mentions reactions from straight men — The Terror of Catcalling.

Thanks again for reading. I respect that these examples don’t apply to you. But let’s not pretend they don’t apply to others. -Sam

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