It’s time to give Fox News and the GOP a new label

here’s one that suits them well

Sep 11, 2018 · 4 min read

It doesn’t matter if they stick, dangle, or stay attached; people hate certain labels.

Fox News and the Republican Party stand under the “conservative” label.

But now, people are reaching for more precise labels to describe what they see. Republicans are defecting, and some say the political party has lost its soul.

But what has become of the Republican soul, and what do we call that soul we see?

A label with strong adhesive for the Republican Party and Fox News is the cult label. Those ready to apply that label have solid claims. But there’s a better label we should use.

By definition, Fox News and the Republican Party are hate groups.

So, why aren’t we calling Fox News and the Republican Party hate groups?

People assume hate groups are physically violent.

But neither the F.B.I. nor the Southern Poverty Law Center have physical violence as a prerequisite for the heavily weighted title.

In fact, the Southern Poverty Law Center says a hate group is “an organization that based on its official statements or principles, the statements of its leaders, or its activities–has beliefs or practices that attack or malign an entire class of people, typically for their immutable characteristics.”

It’s the hate that determines hate groups.

I argue that hate is a primary purpose and platform of Fox News and the GOP.

And if the brazen duck-quacking evidence that crescendos every day isn’t enough, we can examine what the official hate group members say and do.

Hate group members gush about the warm welcome they feel from the Republican Party.

They say Trump validates them; they’ve made a white power sign out of his gestures, and they collect checks from the Trump Administration.

The Trump Administration has also frozen, redirected, and knifed the funds designated to combat white supremacist groups.

With hate groups on the rage and the rise, we can draw a straight and glowing line to the Trump Administration and the Republican Party.

Plus, hate group sympathizers are running for office as Republicans — with support from the Republican National Committee.

With the positions, statements, and the partygoers, we have everything we need to spell out this label.

And I realize the left side where I lean has hateful groups. But the Republican Party serves a steaming stew of hate with endless helpings for its hateful patrons.

This party supports banning Muslims; they pounce on people at their rallies; they attack people on the street who speak Spanish, and they sprint to their polling places with racial animus.

Most of all, a hoodless white supremacist who predicts, incites, and excuses violence heads the Republican Party.

The Republican Party is the Party of Trump, and many Republican politicians must be cozy with Trump to get elected.

And we shouldn’t blink at the labels most Americans have for Donald Trump.

In two recent polls, Americans called Donald Trump a racist.

It should be easy to apply the hate group label to Fox News and the Trump Administration. Others may find it harder to fasten this label on the viewers and voters.

But those who support Fox News and the Republican Party, and claim they aren’t hateful, still bake cookies for the Klan.

They may be someone’s nice relative, but they support a hate group.

And many Americans agree this designation is well-deserved.

Both Newsweek and the Advocate have articles with headlines that name Trump or the GOP as hate groups.

And thousands of Americans have signed online petitions to classify the Republican Party and Fox News as hate groups.

So, what do the official hate group monitors say?

In 2015, the Southern Poverty Law Center warned that hate groups and their messages were entering the Republican Party bolstered by Trump.

But the watchdog organization got drowsy and didn’t name the Republican Party or Fox News as hate groups.

This ridiculous reluctance to stick a label where it belongs is a negligence that nauseates me. Too many people resist the reality of racism in America’s mainstream political life.

The evidence is obvious.

Despite the proof, I’m sure someone wants to call me irrational. I’m sure someone is angry that anyone would consider a major news outlet and a political party as hate groups.

But instead, it should enrage people what’s coming out of, and running to, Fox News and the Republican Party.

The “label-haters” should save their outrage for the reality that even if the label fits and sticks, nothing would change.

And I have a label for that unchanging fact of the Grand Old Party and its TV network— shitholes.

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