The coolest thing i did in 2017
D Abboh

Lovely story and reflection.

Thank you also for asking the reader to reflect and respond. I am challenged by the question, so I will just run down my thought process on the coolest thing I did in 2017.

At first, I thought joining Medium! It has been very cool and beyond my expectations.

Then, I thought about how I saw the musical The Wiz three times last year! It just happened. The Wiz was the soundtrack of the year.

But then, I remembered how I went to the Civil Rights Museum in Atlanta, GA, and the CNN building. Those were awesome experiences too.

But, I choose The Wiz! 😁

I’d probably see it again. And, I just decided to put the soundtrack on right now while writing this reply. Haha. I didn’t know I liked it so much. Thank you for the reflection and the reminder. -Sam