The horrifying position of wanting Jeff Sessions to keep his job

From don’t hire him to don’t fire him

As Donald Trump continues to berate and mercilessly abuse his attorney general, Jeff Sessions, I’m snared in the middle of yet another war within white supremacy.

On Trump v. Sessions, I should choose Sessions, right?

It’s a punishing position that tempts me to give silent support for a villain who lives to harm me. So, my stomach sinks and sours as I’m faced with selecting a poison.

Because Jeff Sessions is a poison.

He’s the man the late Coretta Scott King vehemently opposed for good reasons that remain unchanged.

This is a man who wagged the Bible, with a wicked smirk, to slam shut the cage doors that lock families at the border.

And for the agenda of whiteness, Sessions uses his powers — with leaps, stomps, and skips — to extend white supremacy’s footholds and footprints.

This is an Injustice Department with selective hearing. Its eardrums only move and groove to the monotone wails of conservative white straight Christian men.

And if Jeff Sessions has his way, the bells of freedom will only sing and ring for men like him.

That’s why the Injustice Department eagerly eyes the admissions procedures that colleges use to shuffle the face cards.

For the white evangelicals who prey with a mighty and menacing power, the Injustice Department is openly and hopelessly devoted to making the wrong turn at the crossroads of Christian bigotry.

And we know Sessions will do everything conceivable — and inconceivable — to further loosen the already lax “oversight” that is willfully blind to the deadly disorders in local policing.

After all, Jeff Sessions wants to strangle and slay every progressive agenda in motion.

Given the chance, he will reverse every basic liberty for those God didn’t make in his image.

Perhaps that’s what keeps Sessions in place — he’s in his dream job that allows him to induce unending nightmares on an epic scale.

And based on his catastrophic record, and his unshakable ability to harm, Sessions is doing a great job at being the worst.

Except, Sessions dodged the big bullet that President Pinocchio set him in place to take.

And Sessions has not fully made use of his ability to be a weapon against his boss’s political enemies.

So, it pisses off President Pinocchio that Jeff Sessions dissed him.

Every day Trump gets angrier at Sessions for his recusal in the Russia probe and his refusal to retaliate against Trump’s foes.

In an interview with Fox News, Trump said he only gave the attorney general his job because Sessions was loyal.

So now Trump has been hurling fighting and biting words at Sessions.

Meanwhile, those of us on the sidelines trying our best to survive — until we can make our next move — are wondering if we should support the continuation of a valueless player that infuriates our most formidable enemy.

Well, I’ve decided I need Jeff Sessions to stay in the way so that Trump has no direct sway over Mueller’s investigation.

And while I’m tempted to feel guilty about my demand that Sessions stays, if Sessions goes away then his wicked work only gets worse.

Because this administration cannot select a decent human. Decent humans want nothing to do with Trump’s unraveling of the Republic and reputations.

So, Trump excels at hiring the worst people. And I know white supremacy can easily change its guards, but I prefer the guard who gives us a shot at the throne.

How does the saying go? “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.”

But I don’t have Stockholm syndrome. I understand this is how justice works in America.

Justice will work with a despicable foe and bear the burdens of that effort to fight a broader battle.

And the steady target I have in my sights is Donald Trump. So, his enemy must be my frenemy.

I don’t plan for this working session to continue for a long time. But I need Sessions to hold back the Republican rage that wants to end the witch hunt.

I can’t have this witch hunt end before we drench the biggest witch with the hottest holy water.

So, I must endure the curses of many witches and that is the maddening position white America has forced on me.

This is the position white America has always forced on me. I never have the luxury of choosing from the best of my best interests.

As a Black person, I have to survey the gradient of white supremacy and pull for the one that — the whitest of them all wants to fall.

And as white supremacy turns on itself, I’m forced to shift my strategy to stop the biggest threat by backing another threat.

It’s twisted and vexing and I hate being in this position.

But still, I need Judas Sessions to finish his job.

I need him to assault the hopes of whiteness in his do-nothing way. I need the weakest link to stay fastened to the chain. And, I need the thorniest thorn in Trump’s side to dig deeper.

So, that’s why I’m sending strong signals to Jeff Sessions to stay calm. Yes, I’m rubbing the shoulders and giving a pep talk to the enemy. Because Sessions is a powerful pawn, and he’s blocking the moves of a crazed king.

And I don’t need Sessions to step into the wide and waiting trap of a fireable offense.

Because Trump shouldn’t have the pleasure of dismissing someone like Sessions.

That pleasure belongs to the people.

The people deserve the pleasure of toppling the entire Trump Administration when we go to the boxing ring of the ballot box.

So, until we have our say and get our way, it is devastating, but Jeff Sessions has to stay.

And so, I remain horrified. I’m horrified by the people, by the policies, and by the conditions of my position.