The MAGA Hat Is Enough

and it says it all, too much, all the time.

This is really all we need to see.

For those who think the Republican Party, the Trump Party, the MAGA Party, deserves attentive ears and ample consideration — it does not.

I’m scared to find out what more is necessary. This is the party that wants to build a racist wall. This is the party that really wants to end birthright citizenship. This is the party quick and giddy to roll back and wreck consent decrees and measures to counteract disparate impacts.

This is a party that wants to control every single body. This isn’t a reasonable difference of opinion; this is white racism in red that should make everyone jump out of their skin.

I’m referring to a party with members on record telling pollsters they believe the worst ideas about Black and Brown people. I’m talking about a party unbothered by its racist policies but publicly frowns when Steve King chants the team cheers too loudly.

The Republican Party is unquestionably a party of hate; it is the Whiteness Party. There’s no need to cite sources; the sources cite and site — themselves. I judge the Republican Party as the Whiteness Party not for its skin tone, but for the content of its character and its characters.

So, as people squabble about different angles to the viral video of Nick Sandmann — the high school student who stood smugly before Nathan Phillips — a Native elder, the MAGA hat is enough for me.

No more evidence is necessary.

I don’t think I’m alone. Recently, I went to hear Roxane Gay speak at an MLK Day Convocation. As a part of her remarks about what whiteness allows with Nick Sandmann, she said the MAGA hat is a symbol of white nationalism — and it is; she is right.

A central and steady problem we have in America is using terms and phrases with different meanings.

When the White House says, “the American people,” they mean their voters who are mostly white people. When the Republican Party pledges liberty and justice for all, they don’t mean “all” as in everyone. The same is true with, “Make America Great Again.”

The whole MAGA slogan is racist, revisionist, and exclusionary.

The only agreement I have with the slogan is that America is not great now. One reason America isn’t great is that ideologies like white supremacy still prevail.

Trump supporters and the Republican Party are in the wrong on race and racism. They are not alone, but thanks to them, Russia, and other factors — white supremacy has another voice in the White House. Both sides here are not worthy of consideration. There is no discourse with white supremacy.

Nick Sandmann’s MAGA hat said where he stood. He stands, like other MAGA hat wearers, with a smirk before Black and Brown people as we protest. The MAGA mantra is one — sea to shining sea of a barrier — that stands in the way of true freedom in America. We have people right here who need to seek asylum.

Here’s my point — if a MAGA hat is involved, it’s racist, or it supports racism, which is a distinction without a difference. It’s that simple.

If Nick Sandmann’s school doesn’t support white supremacy, then the MAGA hat alone should be enough for his expulsion, and that policy should extend to employers.

Why not? The only reason that’s a ridiculous demand is that America is ridiculously racist. Some employers, including school districts, have made it a policy that their employees cannot openly support boycotts of Israel. Let it be the same for the party of whiteness.

I say, change the laws if required. Some businesses refuse to do business with Trump supporters, registered Republicans, or employ hate group members, which is really all the same. More businesses should follow.

America’s problem isn’t that it’s too tough on white racism. The federal, state, and local workers of white supremacy have never had a shutdown in U.S. History.

There is no slippery slope here. Besides, the focus should be on the bending moral arc of the universe and bringing it down now.

MAGA hat wearers need to change their hats and their minds.

There can be no doubt; the MAGA hat is a piece of headgear for white supremacy. To be clear, I am not calling for a change of headdress alone; an entire change of mind is necessary.

If the head under a MAGA hat thinks America was ever great, it needs to change its mind. If the head under a MAGA hat doesn’t recognize that white America still runs on privilege at the expense of Black and Brown people with mounting debts every day, it needs to change its mind.

The MAGA hat has no ambiguity. It’s not opaque.

The MAGA hat is transparent, and the transparency requires action and accountability. When racist, white people turn transparent, don’t allow them to return to whiteness.

Whiteness gives excuses; whiteness clings to youth; whiteness needs to see a different angle for itself; whiteness apologizes without amends; whiteness tries to clarify; whiteness tries to sanitize.

Instead of whiteness, America needs transparency, and America needs to deal with what’s clear to see. America is divided already; it’s time to conquer.

The ideologies of the MAGA hat are racist. Since I’ve had enough of racism, the MAGA hat is enough.

What? Did I go too far? Were my lines too hard? Nah. When you’re in the line of fire, the lines you draw can never be too hard.

So, with that, I cannot agree to disagree.