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They’re white supremacists; you can drop the nationalists

I damn and decry all the dictionaries and every distinctive line.

With all my might, I refuse to accept the repackaging of white supremacy that’s eagerly peddled and accepted in our daily discourse.

I will use every verbal and written workaround to chop the term nationalist from my lexicon.

And it burns me and makes me cling to the cross when I hear people saying the terms hate groups want to hear.

This is not grade school; this is grown-up racism. We shouldn’t further privilege an already rotten “Johnny” by calling him by his favorite nickname. This is a serious matter, and I urge people to call the “John We Know” by his original and formal name. Because we know who they are; these are white supremacists!

So, I put the responsibility on them to interpret and do the work to redefine themselves in conversations as I stick with the term white supremacist.

And recently, this insidious idiom flared in my face when the Whitest House fired another white supremacist in their ranks. This time it was a speechwriter who has cozy and tight ties to other white supremacists.

After they released the man from his official duties, I watched pundits from various races and political parties refer to his affiliations with the preferred noun the hate groups desire.

But this nonsense is a gaping trap to normalize and soften the word supremacist. Even watchdog organizations work overtime to add this term to their listings.

And it’s all a big waste of air because if white people want a white nation they are white supremacists. There’s no need to call them by another name.

So, I refuse to allow white supremacists to shirk and shake the shame that’s in their name. Nah and nay I say; as I quickly and repeatedly slash and deny these phony name change applications.

Because if anyone thinks America requires a white majority for national and world order — they are white supremacists. The nasty notion that white people must control the reins and somehow that’s the best for people of color too — is white supremacy.

And I can’t sigh and shake my head enough when I hear white supremacists crying about white genocide and America becoming a majority-minority nation.

Can someone tell me why they are trying to act like Y2K is a thing again?

It should be obvious that no one needs this white hysteria. America, and the world, will be just fine if white people aren’t the majority race.

So, this claim of nationalism is fear-mongering which is the steady status of white supremacy.

And if we want to be precise with the terms, I have three points to consider.

One, these white supremacists lace and link their toxicity across the globe as they meddle and get inspired by the upsurge of white supremacy.

The global network of white supremacy has regular conference calls to distribute the latest tips and honor their hateful accomplishments.

So, these white supremacists are international and the term national is incomplete.

Second, white supremacy has always been a national and international affair that conspires to run and ruin the lives of people who don’t resemble their outlines.

And nobody should applaud these claims of nationalism by hate groups.

Many hate groups have an artificial and gross “patriotism” as a plank in their uneven platforms.

In 2014, a Klan leader in Montana said his terror cell will accept applications from people of color because his hate group is for a strong America. But the name, robes, and hoods are the same, so this is not a new Klan. And white America has always used Black bodies to fight its white power wars.

We also know the slogans ‘America First’ and ‘Make America Great Again’ are the bumper stickers and tacky patches and dispatches from the KKK.

So, this is nothing new; there’s no need to refresh our browsers when it’s all plain to see.

But I am resentful, with tooth marks on my bottom lip, because I despise how hate groups steal from marginalized people. These white supremacists want to wear the term ‘nationalist’ like Black nationalists.

They say they love their people, and they only want a white identity. But they are illiterate and close their eyes to the history book of racism.

Because Black nationalism is a response to oppression, and it seeks liberation.

And even if we find faults in the line of Black nationalism, some leaders like Malcolm X made a lane change.

But these white supremacists will not change. There won’t be a positive pivot or an evolution because white supremacy is oppression.

And we all know race is a social construct.

But white America did not make these constructs in the same ways and for the same purposes.

Blackness, as a social construct, is my shelter from the reigning storm of white supremacy that makes the climate of America uninhabitable. No one should expect me to leave my social construct without a safe place.

Whiteness, however, is a social construct that white people must renounce and repurpose for racial justice. Because white people pieced together whiteness as a constant collaboration to dominate and destroy Black and brown people.

And the structures white people created for whiteness are still in the way — standing wide and tall.

So, while it is fine to be white, it is wrong every day of the week — to wield whiteness as a weapon and a wedge — to further oppress people with a Black and brown look and feel.

Whiteness must redistribute and repurpose its privileges and powers. In any other way, weaponized whiteness is not okay.

It’s hazardous to redefine whiteness to further white supremacy and obscure hate.

Because, once again, pro-whiteness is redundant.

And my best advice to white people is to not allow anything else to further disfigure them. I see white people trying to make a change as they renounce whiteness and white supremacy.

But if these hate groups insist on renaming themselves, I have an old name we can make great again.

It’s a term that names the place they rule and where they wish to take the world — white devils.

Since hate groups want to go back, we might as well start from scratch.