Is less really more? Sounds cliché right? Anyway, enough with the questions. I had been feeling uninspired lately,not just of late but for quite sometime now. Everyday, my routine had been the same and truth be told, I was quite content with it. Life wasn't getting any worse and it wasn't getting better either.

My complacency was halted when my energy(complacent energy if there is anything like that) started resonating within others and not in a positive way, causing them to react. React I say? Yes react…

I started noticing that my interactions were getting awkward causing me to be more socially anxious

This…This was the point of no return, the turning point that made me re-evaluate every aspect of myself that was causing this ‘reaction’

By re-evaluate I not only mean re-evaluate that particular aspect but everything,including the type of vibrations I was giving out.

Lets not lie, vibrations are everything… Frequencies generated from the earth’s core connect to us and with that, through our interactions ,we share, we exchange it at every moment and let it resonate within others too, so to speak.

This has been a both conscious and unconscious reaction in all humans…yes all intrinsic beings since mankind started walking this earth.

Anyway, enough of all that energy and universe banter, let me get back to the subject before I deviate a bit too far.

When I started thinking about less being more in our lives, everything around me became more vivid and easily noticeable, I did not have to look too far for inspiration. It was evident from people’s reactions from friends, family,acquaintances and ‘everyday’ characters I interacted with daily.

It’s like I was being told indirectly by the “universe” (don’t mind me, just being skeptical)to get going and work with what I have in the simplest manner. forget skills and all, my energy…my power!

Essentially, all humans have that to offer. Skilled or unskilled, literate or illiterate.

If one looks at the global numbers,(not need to provide stats)the less privileged people are way more than the wealthy…materially rich people.

Therefore, people of Lower Economic Social Standards/Status (LESS) without thinking too hard,are undoubtedly more in comparison to other categories.

With all the vibration vibes earlier, considering the numbers the LESS have on their side, with the right frequencies generated, they can easily be the more if you look at it in a simple way without getting into all the intricacies of the matter at hand.

So, its simple. Stop asking for more and work with the less you have.

Peace and love…

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