Dear Dreamer, Be a Doer

When the sun falls, what counts is what you did, not how greatly you dream. Dreams don’t make your life better. They don’t make the world better. Actions do. Not plans. Or strategies. Or intentions. Actions.

Sometimes we don’t act because we’re afraid. Or we’re suffering analysis paralysis. Or we’re lazy. Or we just don’t know how to do what we ought to do. Or maybe there’s some financial constraint. Or fate has conspired against us.

But, guess what. Any thought that doesn’t help you act is an excuse. We like to vindicate ourselves — make ourselves feel better about our not acting. There’s always some reason. And I can’t be the problem. It’s this, or that. Not me.

Unfortunately time never waits for us. Opportunities pass. If we don’t act we lose. WE lose. Not God, not fate, not loved ones, not time, and certainly not money. WE. So, what was that excuse again? Get rid of it.

Is the excuse within you? Fight it. Is it outside of you? Fight against it. If something is on your way, you remove it — you don’t stop your journey. Doers move. Dreamers sleep. Dream in your rest, but keep moving.

Life is beautiful when we do. Memories are made of the things we have done. Regrets are made of the things we should have done. Misery comes because of the way we did not act. A Wise One once said, be doers not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.

Don’t wait for the plan perfect. Because there is never a perfect plan — there never was and never will be. There just is lost time. Never wait to get everything you need — you will wait till the sun rises tomorrow, and today will be gone.

Better walk a mile a day for a thousand days than plan for a thousand days how to leap a thousand miles. Better crawl, and step, and walk and fall, and learn to run — one day you’ll fly — than dream and dream and dream and wake up only to crawl.

Dear dreamer. I dreamed of the day I’d write to you — to me — to do and not to dream. And I dreamed and dreamed, and the sun rose and fell on my dreams. And I woke up, as you too must. Don’t be a dreamer like me. Wake up dear dreamer. Be a doer.

— Sam Dreamer Doer