Ted Moseby’s “Hanging Chad” costume from How I Met Your Mother. Very controversial.

Chad On…

And Now For Something Completely Different

Hi, yes I’m aware my name is not Chad, it’s Sam. The ‘Chad’ (as in “Hanging Chad” like an uncounted vote) is a pseudonym, which I will be using, leading up to the snap general election in Britain. The goal is to get people to vote, so that their votes count. At the moment, I am not completely decided on who to vote for. What understanding of politics I have, has led me to believe that I am pretty left-leaning. However I am also a pessimist, so in the face of the rocky economic predicament we appear to be in (à la Brexit), I want to make sure that we take into account that perhaps the things we want, are not possible — but we’ll see.

“Politics?” I hear you say, “I thought this was a film blog!” Why yes it is, but I know that there are a lot of my friends and family out there are conflicted on this vote, a lot of people who are misinformed by biased leftist and rightist news outlets, and I am sick and tired of all these gosh darn political memes! So this series will be comparing each section of the manifestos for what are considered to be the three main contenders for this election — Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrats — in a way that tries to be unbiased, accessible and still takes it seriously. No more making people feel stupid for voting a certain way, or having a certain view.

I think grime artist, JME, sums it up perfectly.

I want to be held accountable for how I write, so that I do not come off as biased, so please let me know if I am not giving a fair and balanced argument for each side. I’ll also be learning as I write myself so I want to try to make this series accessible, and provide some of my own brief reflections on the policies, so while I will give each of the manifestos are fair chance, I will be providing them all with the one thing you should never have on the Internet: an opinion. (audible gasp!)

But before I do that, I want to encourage everyone to vote. I know it’s boring, but it doesn’t take long. Even if you don’t like any of the parties by the end of it, you can register to vote and draw a big fat cockerel on your ballot paper, which is noted as an actual protest vote. If you don’t vote or even register, the government will assume that you will never vote, and they will never care about your needs. So here’s the link: https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote. Make sure you register over the weekend, and I’ll get started on the parties, with an article about their manifesto launches, and how we perceive people in the party (most notably the leaders).

Talk soon!