Snapchat: it’s time to clean up the noise
String Nguyen

A quick value-for-money (= value = time spent) check of SnapChat and you are 110% right. Although I have not been blindly following people there, just the small number of friends I have on the tool tend not to provide an awful lot of value compared to the time it takes to load/watch/curate snaps.

I do see the value in the tool, the uses for business but this does barely shows at the moment and the very way the tool works keeps us guessing (I guess that’s how you try to leverage FOMO).

At the end of the day, though, most of the valuable content these very people share is basically to be found on more solid (and lasting) grounds (if you want visibility you put things on a website, blog, FB, etc.).

I am still quiet on SnapChat because my snap value is limited and I am actually trying not to turn the tool into SpamChat just because a presence and regular posting would be a standard requirement for my “brand”.

No big cleaning required on my side but the reminder makes sense — and I happily discovered that we’re still friends :)