My Tech Take — Mobile World Congress

Samuel Pavin
Feb 25, 2018 · 2 min read

As Mobile World Congress is running full steam, just a couple of takes out of the recent announcements.

On the (smart)phone front, oh my God, Matrix is back!

- After the 3310, Nokia keeps the nostalgy up, releasing the revamped Nokia 8110 (the “banana” phone). I so wanted Neo’s phone back in the days. Now it may become a reality for the price of a nice secondary phone

Cameras are the craze on smartphones it seems. LG’s V30s ThinQ was teased with a very strong emphasis on the camera and photo modes. The new Samsung was not shy about it either and the fact that the phone is, somehow, geared for social media. While these certainly make use of AI (…) and potentially appeal to the larger consumer base, these types of features are coming a little late to the game when we are looking for actual technology.

Last, beyond the cameras and petty features, it seems the smarter ones have actually moved the discussion out of the mobile rat race. Huawei released their (impressive) Matebook and MediaPad while their messaging about cameras has already been out there for a couple of years. Ahead of the curve?

To be continued — potentially with 5G

Originally published at Samuel Pavin. - Brand strategist. Tech / Startups / Marketing and Social Media. Founding Member @IbmGE, Marketing Lead @uq_ilab - Growing @AT_Translations

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