I Have Been Doing YouTube for 2 Years

My Story

It has been as fun as this photo indicates it would be

I made this video 2 years ago for a school project. We were told to go out and just make a thing. Now at the time I thought two thing. Number 1, my teacher has just given up, but number 2, I should make a movie. With no experience in making any video or really anything I thought it would be a good idea to make a movie. I didn’t think I needed a script, I would just write down all the ideas for the movie and make that. My idea was for a spy movie were the people who run the world are kids. Super Original. I asked a bunch of my friends to star in it, and we got to the school to film. About 5 minutes in I realized how much of a mistake this was. Nobody knew what to do, and for some reason my 15 dollar camera didn’t look like the Avengers. At that point me and my “cast” talked about the project. They sarcastically said “Sam your funny, you should vlog”. I took them for there word, went home, wrote a tight script, pointed my lamp at my face and started filming. I edited for an entire day, brought the video to school, and the kids laughed. They thought it was funny that I dissected all these labels in our life. Somebody said they would totally watch this on Youtube. So I had a long conversation with my parents, about how great they are, then sprinkled a little bit about how I wanted to put my video on Youtube. They thought it was a great idea, I put it up and showed it to all the kids at school. Literally everyone, by the end of the day it had 500 views. That was insane. In fact to this day it remains my most viewed video, right now it has over 1,400 views.

None of my videos are even close to that, but that’s okay. Right now my Youtube story looks like PSY’s just on a much lower scale. One big hit, and a whole bunch of nothing. I even tried to recreate this video this year, with a video creatively called “Labels in High School”. This video was funnier, yet still not nearly as successful, at about 200 views at the moment. At this point you might think that to get successful on Youtube you don’t need to smart, funny, or talented. All you need is to get good marketing. While that is true, the thing you should really take from this is how much you can grow in just 2 years. 2 years ago I relied on stereotypes and back accents. Now I have a show on Youtube were I play a rich douche bag called Cody DaVinci. I also started performing stand up. I have grown as a person, as a performer (and judging by that sentence, as a douche bag artist). Now I’m trying to start to do something else. This is the start of a series of blog post, once a week about me performing, about me making Youtube videos, about performing and Youtube in general, basically whatever I want to write about. So I leave you with a message to all my “fans”

Thank You