DM Cards On Twitter May Come Sooner Than We Expected

Back in May, Twitter introduced a new advertising creative on Twitter called a Direct Message Card. This new card is an addition to the already existing website, image, and video cards. DM Cards allow businesses to use these cards to promote or share other customer experiences built in Direct Messages. Bots that are built into Direct Messages create personalized interactions between the business and the consumer. These bots can range from customer support bots such as @United, to fun, for your entertainment bots such as @FocusFeatures or @ValerianMovie. I’ll even throw in my own bots @SamSchmir or @LIVEScheduleBot.


New business features on Twitter usually take a while before they’re released to the public as only a few selected advertisers get first access to them. Feel free to check out @Patron on Twitter to see these DM cards in action and to view Tweets containing DM cards, click here, here, here or here.

A while back, I was contacted by Jeff Lesser who does Product Marketing at Twitter and got one of my applications on whitelisted. This was actually useless since I use a platform that is built ON Twitter’s API. You only need a whitelisted app if you plan to build with Twitter’s API.

I DM’d Jeff asking a simple question. “Why do Website Card images appear on the desktop version of Twitter but not on the mobile version of Twitter?” He replied with “Website card on mobile was recently changed to keep the image at the top of the screen and load the webpage below it. This breaks the experience when using the website card using a direct message deep link. We are working on bringing the direct message card to broader availability quicker because of this.” The last sentence reveals that DM cards should be available to the public soon!