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Welcome to schmir.me! This is where you can find all you need to know about me.

I am a photographer, journalist, writer, social media influencer, and entertainer. Currently, I am attending school but in my spare time, I write for Chatbots Magazine and BuzzFeed. I’m also a contributor at Product Hunt, and a volunteer of the Twitter Translation Center.

When writing for BuzzFeed, it’s important that I keep in the realm of things because the entertainment/news industry changes so rapidly. Product Hunt is more laid back. Although technology is rapidly changing too, I enjoy posting products that I thinks will benefit others.

Photography is something I am very passionate about. When I capture photographs, I use a DSLR as well as an iPhone 7.

You can view some of my work below.

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🐦 Twitter: @SamSchmir

πŸ“· Instagram: Sam.Schmir

😺 Product Hunt: @SamSchmir

⚑ BuzzFeed: Sam Schmir

πŸ€– Chatbots Magazine: Sam Schmir

πŸ“§ Email: sam@schmir.me

Below, you can find some of my most memorable Tweet experiences.

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