Making your LinkedIn Connections Meaningful — Clean up!

I receive an average of over 500 connection requests a month on LinkedIn. I accept most, but my staff who helps manage my profile screen the connections and they purge about as many as I receive each month.

Clean Up LinkedIn Connections

They look at several criteria:
1. Can the connection be of value as a client, as an investor, or as a future employee?
2. What does the connection post or like on LinkedIn?
3. Is there an alignment in thought between the connection and me?

4. Is there something I can learn from the connection?
5. Is the connection connected to someone I, myself, may want to connect with?
6. Is the connection someone who can challenge my posts/viewpoints and still keep the dialog civil?
7. Is the connection worth the distraction?
8. What did the connection try to pitch me for investment?
9. When was the last time the connection interacted with me?
10. Last but not least… Has the connection ever responded or acknowledged my interactions with them?

Despite the ongoing validation of contacts and the purging criteria, I somehow continue to have over 13k connections on LinkedIn.

This being said, there are three circles that overlap to create the inner circle of connections. The three circles are comprised of those who want to connect with me, those I want to connect with, and those that amuse me.

Since I travel often, I try to meet with at least one person from the inner circle (three petal flower) on each of my trips. When possible, I even use these meetings as an opportunity to introduce likeminded individuals to each other, creating a true networking environment.

Ultimately, through this vetting process, I make lasting relationships -some from which I have learned and others with which I find respite-, but more importantly, I make quality connections for my entire network.

Sam Senev
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