Vital Imaging Invests in Groundbreaking MRI Equipment

A spinal injury can sometimes cause more than physical pain. It can cause emotional suffering as it interferes with activities of daily life resulting in discomfort and immobility. Imagine not being able to play with your children, go hiking, or even moving the same way you’re used to; just the sheer thought can give you a slight feeling of anxiety. This is why I feel that vital imaging’s goal should be to consistently provide the best, most convenient imaging diagnosis possible so that we may continue to give our patients the chance to live a fulfilling life — where pain is not a limitation.

The harsh reality is that the source of a spinal injury can sometimes be hard to detect. In traditional MRI’s, the body is laying down in a resting position. This naturally causes the spine to relax. This relaxed state isn’t able to represent the natural pressure that is put on the spine while standing up. A MRI that simulates the compression in the spine that occurs only while standing can provide a more accurate diagnosis. This simple distinction made the decision easy for Vital-Imaging to invest and add Dynawell® weight bearing devices to all of our traditional MRI machines. I’m positive this will have a great impact on people’s lives and make the quality of modern healthcare improve significantly.

Along with our new Dynawell® weight bearing systems, we now also provide our doctors with digital x-ray machines in selected sites. These digital x-ray machines are pioneering the way in imaging performance and web-based image transmission. This helps in the referral process of our doctors by allowing them to communicate using the best diagnostic images possible. Complementing the precise MRI-scanning with top-modern ultrasound machines gives the doctor the possibility to do an extremely thorough analysis of the patient. More

Vital-Imaging’s ultimate goal is to give both patient and doctor the pinnacle of imaging technology. Our goal is to help doctors lead their patients on the path to a fully functional, healthy body so they can enjoy their freedom and not limit their everyday activities due to pain. With this technology, Vital-Imaging hopes to vastly improve our patients’ treatment — eliminating needless surgery and medication — so they can enjoy the healthy and active lifestyle they deserve.

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