Nike: Find Your Greatness

. Within this commercial is a very powerful and empowering message. It shows an overweight child around (12 years old) running down an open road towards the camera. The kid looks determined and is trying his hardest. While the kid is running there is a voiceover of a man explaining that greatness is not exclusive to a few “prodigies,” but greatness is something within all of us and you have to find it inside of you. Although there is no specific product being sold in the commercial, it can be inferred that it is for Nike Running. Within this ad are the emotional appeals of need to achieve and need to dominate.

. This ad does a really good job of portraying the need to achieve. It does this by portraying an overweight child trying to achieve his goal of getting in shape by jogging. This attracts consumers who are looking to achieve a goal of getting in shape. Also, the commercial encourages the viewer to find the greatness inside them. They say everyone has it you just have to go get it. This is an effective advertising strategy because it allows anyone to relate to this commercial, weather you are old, young, skinny, overweight, etc. When the commercial states, “we all have greatness, you just have to find it,” it leaves a go get it attitude. This can be closely related to the need to dominate. You want to dominate your feelings of turning back away from your goal. The commercial really makes the viewer want to do anything and everything to win it all.

. This commercial appeals to a rather broad variety of demographics. Although the only person in the video is a white child, it sends a message to so many other people. The commercial has a target audience of people who want to work out and get in shape. It is a very inspiring commercial to those who want to work out. It challenges you to go find your greatness and motivates you to be your best. Weather your are a man, woman, old, young , black or white, this ad inspires all people. Though the main demographic most influenced by this commercial has to be children who are obese. Nike most likely tried to target overweight children specifically because of the rising problem of childhood obesity. When children see another kid trying to lose weight they will want to do the same and go find their greatness.

. In all, this ad does an amazing job of inspiring and motivating people to do great inns and workout. This can lead to increased sales of Nike products due to people needing clothes to work out in. No matter who you are this ad will impact you and make you want to find your greatness.